that 99% of babies are born with healthy feet?

But only 1% reach adulthood without any alterations in their feet.

Explore the benefits of barefoot footwear and learn to choose the footwear that best respects the natural development of your feet.

Benefits of barefoot footwear

Facilitates a more aligned posture and better body biomechanics

Improves proprioception and balance by allowing the feet to better feel the surface

Allows the toes to move freely, stimulating blood circulation

Reduces the chances of developing plantar fasciitis and other injuries related to conventional footwear use

Strengthens the muscles of the feet and calves by allowing more natural and unrestricted movement

If we give the toes the space they need, we will prevent them from crowding, avoiding future problems

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Appropriate footwear is key
to growing up with healthy and strong feet

Caracterisitcas Calzado Barefoot: Suela Flexible


Flexible sole and non-existent counterfort for free foot movement.

Caracterisitcas Calzado Barefoot: Zero Drop


Sole height is the same at the heel as in the toe area to prevent shortening of the posterior muscles.

Caracterisitcas Calzado Barefoot: Puntera Amplia


For correct toe alignment.

Increases the connection with the environment
by offering a more sensory walking experience

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Reviews from those who choose us

Opinion sobre Calzado Barefoot

they have been a great discovery and a success.

I love the flexibility. My child is very happy.

Testimonio beneficios Calzado Barefoot

I am delighted with the sneakers.

Very good materials, fantastic finishes, comfortable and beautiful. The foot in good sneakers, what more could you ask for?

Testimonio beneficios Calzado Barefoot


Very good respectful conditions and wide enough to have happy little feet.

The benefits of barefoot footwear
are not only for children,
they are ideal for all ages

Zapatillas barefoot Bohemphia
Zapatillas barefoot Bohemphia

Keep learning about the benefits
of barefoot footwear

✅ Transition to barefoot footwear

Not strengthening your feet when switching to minimalist shoes is like wearing a cast for years and then not doing physiotherapy when you take it off.
If you are looking for the path to the health of your feet, you must think of more than just wearing barefoot footwear, you must also…

✅ How do our babies' feet evolve?

Both the feet and legs undergo a natural evolution in the early years of life. Let's see how it is: Both the feet and legs undergo a natural evolution in the early years of life. Let's see how it is:
During growth, each bone in the foot ossifies at a different age. The calcaneus has its ossification nucleus at birth, however, others like the talus do not finish ossifying until 10-11 in girls and 12-13 in boys. You have all the information in: "Babies' feet: care, evolution, and footwear" From their first steps until 2 years old, the usual position of the legs is…

pie descalzo niño

✅ Respectful baby shoes and first steps

Crawling or walking are maturation processes and it's of little use trying to accelerate them. Except in isolated cases, we have no reason to doubt that the child will be able to walk by themselves and without the help of any shoes.
If we use shoes with reinforcements to support the body's weight, we are limiting the development of the muscles of the feet and ankles. Do we put wristbands on them when they start to crawl? Just as we leave...

✅ Growth of your baby's feet

Babies' feet are not fully formed when they are born but develop with growth. In the first months of life, the sole of the foot is surrounded by a layer of fat, which does not reveal the shape of the foot or the plantar arch.
Each bone in the foot ossifies at a different age, for example, the calcaneus has its ossification nucleus at birth, however, the...

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  • Our commitment is to accompany our customers by providing them with a natural and healthy walking experience.
  • We continuously strive to maintain affordable prices in our barefoot footwear collection.

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