Blanditos Bari Sky Women’s Sandals

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If you purchase this product, you will earn 297 points worth 1,65! More information.
If you purchase this product, you will earn 297 points worth 1,65! More information.

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Blanditos Bari Sky Women’s Sandals

These barefoot sandals are designed for the modern woman who values comfort and style, offering a unique experience that allows your feet to breathe and move naturally.
  • Freedom of Movement and Comfort
With a 5 mm flexible sole, these barefoot sandals offer a barefoot walking sensation without compromising protection. The zero-drop and non-slip design ensures stability and safety with every step, while the sky blue suede material provides durability and style.
  • Custom Fit
The double-pass Velcro closure allows for a custom fit, while the wide toe box provides room for your toes to move freely.
  • Join the Barefoot Footwear Revolution for Women
Experience the feeling of freedom and connection with nature that only barefoot sandals can offer. With Blanditos Bari Sky sandals, you can enjoy comfort and style without compromise, while caring for the health and well-being of your feet.

NOTE:The footwear may present minor imperfections in its finish, which is normal and will not be considered a manufacturing defect if it does not affect its use. If the footwear is made of leather, it may have wrinkles or folds, which are natural and not manufacturing defects. Additionally, wear and tear or abrasion will not be considered a defect.

The color shades in the photos may slightly differ from the actual product due to lighting and screen settings.

Type of foot and size selection

  • foot: medium
  • Instep: Medium and high
  • Add between 6 mm and 9 mm to the length of the foot.
  • To the width of the foot, add between 3 mm and 7 mm.
With our Size Finder, you can find all the models that may be suitable for your feet in just one click!
We recommend using our calculator to know the type of foot.
To choose the right size, you can follow our recommendations here.

Recommendations for maintaining your Green Lemon Canvas Sandals

Recommended from the first steps.
Insoles should be removed from the shoes daily to air them out. Additionally, it’s advisable to wear a different pair of shoes each day.
For their cleaning, we recommend reading our article “How to clean fabric or breathable mesh sneakers”.

Blanditos by Crio’s Collections

With an internal design and pattern-making team, they create their own collections and for third parties. They work with various leading brands in the market, of which they maintain their exclusivity and privacy. Their supplier chain guarantees the quality and the latest fashion of their collection.
Among their collections stands out Blanditos, which is Crio’s barefoot range, ideal from first steps as they allow the natural development of the feet due to their ergonomics.

Blanditos Bari Sky Women’s Sandals

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