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Koel4Kids Rain Boots Jungle

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Koel4Kids Barefoot Rain Boots Jungle

These barefoot water boots are ideal for the little ones to enjoy jumping in puddles. These rain boots, by meeting all barefoot requirements, can be worn as long as desired, as they respect the natural development and movement of the foot.
They have a flexible 3 mm sole and no drop. They feature a removable textile insole without any anatomical elements. Moreover, these barefoot rain boots have no counterfort, allowing the ankle to move freely.
The wide toe box of these Koel barefoot water boots provides plenty of space for free toe movement. They also stand out for their lightness and great flexibility.

Type of foot and size selection

  • foot: medium
  • Instep: Medium
  • To the length of the foot, add between 8 mm and 1 cm.
  • To the width of the foot, add between 3 mm and 5 mm.
With our Size Finder, you can find all the models that may be suitable for your feet in just one click!
We recommend using our calculator to know the type of foot.
To choose the right size, you can follow our recommendations here.

Composition of the Fare barefoot booties

  • Upper: 100% soft rubber
  • Interior: textile lining
  • Sole: 3mm rubber


        Recommended from the first steps.
        Do not expose this product to high temperatures and heating equipment.

        Meet Koel4Kids

        KOEL brings a new approach and a different meaning to walking with happiness. They are constantly innovating, reinventing, and developing high-end shoes for children, but now they are not just KOEL4KIDS. KOEL is now the parent brand of footwear for babies, children, women, and men, where the same values and objectives prevail: great fit and outstanding quality.
        In 2021, KOEL became the parent brand of K4Babies, K4Kids, KWomen, and KMen. They underwent a rebranding and reorganization of the brand to respond to the growing interest of adult consumers in KOEL shoes. In the near future, KOEL will introduce Barefoot shoes for women, first, and then for men.
        Shoes play such an important role in a child’s physical development, so when it comes to high-quality shoes for children, KOEL is the best option.
        We hope your little one enjoys this winter jumping in puddles!!

        Koel4Kids Rain Boots Jungle

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