Refunds and Returns Barefoot Footwear

Exchanges and returns


We do not make size and/or model exchanges, as it is difficult to guarantee stock availability at all times. If you need another size or color, you must make a new purchase and process the return of the item you do not want.


You have 14 calendar days from receiving the items to make the return.

If you want to initiate a return, you must do it through our returns portal:  RETURNS PORTAL

All payments received, including the initial shipping costs (if any), will be refunded. Only the costs of the return shipment will be deducted.

Returns of the same order, up to 2 pairs of shoes, will have a cost of:

  • Mainland Spain:

     – Home pickup or drop-off at pickup point: 5€

  • Balearic Islands:

     – Home pickup or drop-off at pickup point: 6

  • Mainland Portugal:

               – Home pickup or drop-off at pickup point: 5€

  • Other European Countries:

– Home pickup or drop-off at pickup point: 10€

For each additional pair of shoes, €2 will be added to the initial cost of the return.

If you decide to make separate returns from the same order, the amount of the return shipment will be deducted for each individual shipment returned.

Even if you return several pairs from different orders in the same shipment, the return costs for each order will be treated independently, as we have to manage the return and refund of each order separately.


It is essential that the product be returned in perfect condition, i.e., without having been used, washed, modified, or altered in any way, and with all original labels and accessories in place. Similarly, the original box or packaging must be returned in optimal condition, without marks, breaks, or labels/tapes attached directly to it.

It is required that the box be properly wrapped to ensure correct protection during transportation. Otherwise, if the return is received unprotected with the return label attached directly to the original product box, unfortunately, the return will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in advance to ensure effective management of the product return.

* *It is important to clarify that these damages should be attributable to the customer and not to the transport company.

Otherwise, we reserve the right to refund the purchase or to deduct the amount of depreciation that the product may have suffered.

Once we have verified that the merchandise is in perfect condition,  we will proceed to  credit the amount  of the product and, if applicable, the  shipping costs, within a maximum period of  14 business days. In the case of payment  by bank transfer or deposit, we will request the account number  to credit the said amount.


Before making a return at the Ponteareas pickup point, you must send us an email to indicating the order number.


Before making a return of an order from postal code 36700 Tui (Pontevedra), you must send us an email to indicating the order number.


No returns will be accepted after  14 calendar days  from the date of receipt of the product..

Once the return is requested, you have another 14 calendar days to ship the package. If the shipment is not made within the specified period, RETURNS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. After this period, the label will be canceled and it may not be accepted and if it is, a penalty of €1 will be applied.


If we receive items that do not comply with the return terms and/or  are out of time, we will communicate with you to indicate how to proceed with the  credit of the shipping costs of the collection and the new shipment to send them back to you.

An email will be sent communicating the reason why the return is not  accepted, indicating the method and the amount you must pay to proceed with the  shipping of your goods. If no response is received from you, we will keep  your products for  1 year.  After this time,  the right to claim them as stipulated by law is lost.


If your package has not been picked up within the time stipulated by the transport company, it will be returned to our warehouses. Once received, it will be processed as a return and the corresponding amount will be refunded.

If a package is returned to our facilities because you have not properly completed the delivery address, it will be processed as a return and the corresponding amount will be refunded. If you request a new shipment, you must pay the corresponding amount for it.

*This is a summary. You can consult all the conditions regarding returns in our Terms and Conditions..

*We recommend checking the promotions tray or the spam folder..