Fairy Roz Boots

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If you purchase this product, you will earn 274 points worth 1,52! More information.


Cuddle’s Fairy Roz lined boots

These barefoot boots are made of 100% natural leather with a 4mm thick ultra-flexible, non-slip rubber sole. The cowhide leather insole is very soft for greater foot comfort. The inner lining is made of goat leather. They do not have fur lining inside.

What materials does Cuddle use?

  • Vegetable-tanned leather which is made with the help of natural or mineral ingredients. The most used is tannin, a vegetable substance, extracted from the bark of trees like chestnut, oak, cherry, etc. The skins are stretched over wooden frames and then immersed in a tannin solution. Thus, the leather becomes very soft and gains greater durability, water resistance, flexibility, elasticity, and strength.
  • Goat leather lining soft and comfortable, suitable for use inside the shoe. The naturally tanned lining is more porous, allowing it to absorb natural perspiration during the day and then disperse it again when the shoes are removed.
  • Cowhide insole. Suede is an assortment of velvety-looking leathers obtained by sanding the skins on the fleshy side. Due to the fiber content, it absorbs moisture, ensuring high protection for children’s delicate skin.
  • Ultra-flexible and non-slip rubber sole to mimic the barefoot as best as possible. Ideal for first steps, it promotes walking and helps to use the muscles of the sole to maximize sensory capacity and maintain balance.

Type of foot and size selection

  • Foot: Wide
  • Instep: Medium
  • To the length of the foot, add between 8 mm and 1 cm.
  • To the width of the foot, add between 3 mm and 7 mm.
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We recommend using our calculator to know the type of foot.
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  • Clean with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Grease stains are removed with a damp cloth by adding 2% detergent.

Meet Cuddle

Cuddle means caress, pampering but also love, warmth, care.
Thus began the story of Cuddle Shoes. A loving father, a protective mother who wants the best for her children, and a skilled and experienced grandmother who has spent over 30 years in major international footwear companies. Grandma Sani first made crafts, the beloved slippers, for her grandchildren, then for their playmates, for friends of their friends. Driven by the wave and at their behest, we decided to pamper as many little feet as possible, make them happy and, last but not least, bring a smile to children’s faces.
Cuddle represents love, family, happiness, joy at every step, happy and smiling children, freedom of movement.
So, let’s embrace your baby’s feet!
We hope your little one enjoys their Cuddle Fairy Roz!!

Cuddle Fairy Roz Boots

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